Summer Lunch 6th June 2016 at Reuters Hoghton Street, Southport

This was a great get together at a venue everyone seemed to enjoy, we were set altogether on a long table in the restaurant behind the main area, and it was a lovely summer day, there were 20 of us, and although the service went a little slow at times, we were all fed in due course ! Once again Alison and Eric Pomphret supplied chocolates and sweets which always go down well even after a great value 3 course lunch !

Minutes of AGM held on Saturday 16th April 2016


The meeting was chaired by Pam Armitt and started at 7.30 pm, and there were 20 members present.

1.    Apologies were received from Eric Pomphret, Mike Dodds, and Helen & John Cornell.
2.    Minutes of last AGM held on 25/04/15 were circulated to everyone present for noting and for any amendments to be made, there were no amendments and Pam Armitt the Chairman duly signed them.
3.    Secretary’s Report was verbally given by Susan Fantom, it gave a brief outline of how the year had gone, from last year’s AGM, the Lunch held on the 23/06/15, a quick review of the Speakers, commenting on the need perhaps to do a bit more in the way of publicity, and the work done on the website. Thanks were given to Pam Armitt, Margaret Southwood, Helen & John Cornell, Eric, Enid & Alison Pomphret  & Mike Dodds for their help and support throughout the  year.
4.    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Helen Cornell could not attend the AGM but had submitted a copy of her Treasurer’s Report, the accounts had been examined by Eric Pomphret and he had given his satisfaction that they were correct and in good order. Alan Fantom kindly went through the report verbally for us, and it was noted that although we had made a loss this financial year of £83.68, the amount in the current account stood at £229.53 and the amount in the deposit account was £1166.68, the Society still has a total of £1396.21.
The accounts were formally presented to and adopted by members present.
After a long and frank discussion of the Society’s finances it was decided that the admission charge would remain at £1.50 and that no membership fee would be charged, membership would be automatic once you have attended three meetings.
5.    Election of Officers, the following Officers were duly proposed and elected.
Chairman:  Pam Armitt                                Proposer:    Jean Roberts                           Seconded: Alison Pomphret
Vice Chairman: Margaret Southwood             Proposer:    Pam Armitt                               Seconded: Maria Betts
Secretary:  Susan Fantom                               Proposer:    Vivienne Isherwood                 Seconded: Cathy Duncan
Treasurer:  Helen Cornell                                Proposer:    Stuart Boyd                              Seconded: Pam Armitt
Assistant Treasurer: Margaret Southwood    Proposer:    Pam Armitt                                Seconded: Maria Betts

6.    Election of Examiner:-  Eric Pomphret    Proposer: Alan Fantom                                Seconded: Maria Betts

7.    Programme and matters arising for the forthcoming 2016-17 season

7.1. Dates of meetings for programme 2016-2017 were agreed as follows:-













7.2. Review of speaker’s fee, it was agreed that the fee would remain at £20.00 with discretion to the Secretary to pay more.

7.3. Suggestions for speakers were received from the Members present, which were duly noted by the Secretary, who stated that she had also received ideas from Members throughout the year. The Secretary gave her thanks for all ideas received and also said that anyone could contact her any time with any suggestions.
7.4. Everyone liked the idea of Members’ summer lunch, and it was agreed that we would meet on Monday 6th June 2016 at 12.15 for 12.30 pm at Rueters, on Hoghton Street, Southport. The Secretary will make a booking and let all Members know, she would ask Members to confirm that they would be attending, so that she could finalise the numbers with Rueters.                                                                                   

8.    Any Other Business, a vote of thanks to all the Committee for the work for the Society was given by Vivienne Isherwood, which was supported by all the Members present, and which was much appreciated by the Committee Members present.

The AGM ended at 8.20 pm

After the AGM, we had refreshments, and then heard about a memory from the BBC WW2, People’s War Archive; this particular story was from one of our members Mrs Enid Pomphret she recorded a Wartime Salford memory for the BBC on the 20th June 2005, we briefly had access to the internet and we were able to see the story which was read out aloud to everyone, it is well worth reading, if you have access to the internet just put in the following into your search engine “bbc war time memories enid pomphret” and hopefully you will find it.

Southport Lecture Society Minutes of AGM held on Saturday 25th April 2015

The meeting was chaired by Pam Armitt and started at 7:30 pm, there were 16 members present.
1)  Apologies had been received from Jean Roberts, Maria & John Betts, Anne & Roy Collison and Mr & Mrs Graham.

2) The minutes of the last AGM held on the 26th April 2014 were circulated to the members present for noting and any amendments to be made, there were no amendments and the minutes were signed by the Chairman Pam Armitt.

3) TheSecretary Susan Fantom read out her Secretary’s report which gave a synopsis of the past year, and in which she gave thanks to Pam Armitt, Margaret Southwood, Helen Cornell, Eric Pomphret, Enid Pomphret, Alison Pomphret, John Cornell, Mike Dodds and Simon Shepherd for their help throughout the year.

4) The Treasurer Helen Cornell then gave her report; she had circulated a copy of the Statement of Accounts.
The Statements of Accounts had been examined by Eric Pomphret, the Examiner on the 22nd April 2015 to his satisfaction.
The cash in hand in the current account was £313.68, with income over expenditure being £52.06. There is still a healthy balance in the
reserved account. The accounts were formally adopted by the members present.
There was a discussion as to whether the reserve account should be moved to another type of account to gain more interest but it was
decided that there were probably no other better options at this present time.

5)  Election of Officers, the following Officers were duly elected.
Chairman: Pam Armitt  Proposed by Helen Cornell, Seconded by Alison Pomphret
Vice Chairman and Assistant Treasurer: Margaret Southwood Proposed by Pam Armitt, Seconded by Haydn Roberts
Secretary: Susan Fantom Proposed by Vivienne Isherwood, Seconded by John Cornell
Treasurer: Helen Cornell Proposed by Enid Pomphret, Seconded by Pam Armitt

Election of Examiner, Eric Pomphret agreed to stand as the Examiner, this was proposed by Pam Armitt and Seconded by Helen

Programme and matters arising for the forthcoming season 2015 to 2016
7.1:  After a short discussion it was agreed that the dates for the season
2015 to 2016 were to be as follows:
Autumn 2015: 03/10/15, 17/10/15, 31/10/15, 14/11/15, 28/11/15
Spring 2016:   20/02/16, 05/03/16, 19/03/16, 02/04/16, 16/04/16
7.2: It was agreed that the Speakers fee was to remain at £20.00 but that the Secretary still had the discretion to offer or pay more if
7.3: Several suggestions for Speakers had already been passed to the Secretary throughout the season, and several previous Speakers
had already offered to come and speak to the Society again. There was also an offer to speak from Mrs Duncan a member present at the AGM.
The Secretary thanked everybody for their suggestions and offers, and hopes that she can successful put another and interesting programme together for the forthcoming season. 
7.4: Summer Lunch Date: after a thorough discussion a date for the summer  was agreed, Tuesday 23rd June 2015, for 12:30 pm, the venue would be the would be the Mount Pleasant Pub on Manchester Road, Southport and that the would only be the one menu to choose from to save confusion on the orders.    

8) Any other business: A vote of thanks to the committee was proposed by Vivienne Isherwood which was supported by all the members present.
The AGM ended at 8:15 pm and was followed by tea and Lemon Drizzle cake, and the “Food and Drinks” quiz which had been put
together by Helen & John Cornell, the joint winners of the quiz were Alison Pomphret and Mary Roberts, well done to the Both of them !


Southport Lecture Society Minutes of AGM held on 26th April 2014
The Meeting chaired by Mrs Pam Armitt started at 7:30 pm with 24 members present.
1.    Apologies were received from Mr & Mrs Burgess and Claire Jackson.
2.    Minutes of last AGM held on 20/04/13, previously circulated, were attached to theagenda. No amendments were noted and they were signed by the Chairman.
3.    Secretary’s Report 
A review of the season 2013-2014 was read out by the Secretary Susan Fantom.
4.    Treasurer’s Report
The Statement of Accounts for 2013-2014 had been circulated to the Members present with the agenda and Mrs Teresa Lumley also gave a verbal report, stating that once again the attendance at the meetings had continued to be very good, and that this year the number of Members had also increased. With income higher than our outgoings the cash in hand has increased to £1427.84.
The accounts had been examined by Mr Eric Pomphret on the 14/04/2014, who also stated that the Mrs Teresa Lumley had kept the accounts to a very high standard.The accounts were formally presented to and adopted by the Members as a true record.
After much discussion, a motion was put forward that as the cash in hand was so great there should be no Membership fee for next season and the admission fee should remain at £1.50. The motion was carried with a majority 14 votes in favour.
5.    Election of Officers,  the Officers were elected as follows;
Chairman:  Pam Armitt                                                                                        
Proposer:    Mike Dodds                            Seconded:  Jean Roberts
Vice Chairman: Margaret Southworth                                                                                                              
Proposer:    Maria Betts                             Seconded:  Mike Dodds
Secretary:  Susan Fantom                                                                                                                
Proposer:    Vivienne Isherwood                Seconded:  Jean Roberts
Treasurer:  Helen Cornell                                                                                                                     
Proposer:    Alan Fantom                           Seconded:  Eric Pomphret
AssistantTreasurer: Margaret Southworth                                                                                                    
Proposer:    Martin Lumley                          Seconded:  Maria Betts
6.    Election of Examiner:-  Eric Pomphret                            
Proposer:  Pam Armitt                                 Seconded: Teresa Lumley
It was also proposed by the Examiner, and seconded by Teresa Lumley that the signatories on the Bank Account would now need to be changed as we had a new Treasurer and Secretary, (the Chairman had remained the same) and that the new Treasurer and Secretary should attend the Nat West Bank to deal with these changes, the Members present agreed with this proposal.
7.    Programme and matters arising for the forthcoming 2014-15 season
7.1. TheSecretary put forward dates for meetings for the season 2014-2015 which  were agreed as follows:
Autumn 2014 :-27/09/14, 11/10/14, 25/10/14, 08/11/14, 22/11/14      
Spring 2015:- 28/02/15, 14/03/15, 28/03/15, 11/04/14, 25/04/14
7.2. The Speakers fee was again discussed and it was felt that it should be increased to £20.00 with the Secretary once again being given discretion to offer more if it was felt necessary, this was agreed by all of the members present.
7.3. The Secretary put forward potential Speakers that she had collated throughout the
season, some of whom were past Speakers who had offered to come and speak to the Society again, and some were suggestions already received from Members. The Members present gave their opinions and suggested subjects they would like to
hear about. The secretary committed to follow up on these and to compile a programme for next season.
7.4. The Members present were happy for a lunch to be organised again and agreed thatthe date would be Monday 23rd June; it was proposed that it took place at the Mount Pleasant Hotel on Manchester Road again. The Secretary said she would send out a newsletter confirming the date and attach copies of the lunch menus available.                                                                      
8.    Any Other Business
The only other business was a proposal of thanks to the Officers for all their hard work throughout the season from Miss Vivienne Isherwood which was supported by all of the Members present.
The AGM finished at 8:15 pm and was followed by tea & cakes, and the “Mind Blender” quiz which had been prepared by Helen & John Cornell, it certainly gave everyone a lot to think about !



Southport Lecture Society appeared in an article in the Southport magazine called "Southport Shine", this was in the November/December 2013 issue, and featured the talk by Mr John Cotterall when he spoke to us on "Victoriana". It is a great feature on the Society, and there are some great photographs of the evening. The magazine continues to give the Society publicity for all our talks. It a lovely magazine that makes you aware of all the other clubs and events going on in Southport, it also has lots of other useful articles to read. This publication is also available in a published form at various locations around the town. 
The Southport Shine website is at,


Southport Lecture Society
Minutes of AGM held on 20th April 2013
The meeting started promptly at 7:30 pm with 26 present and was chaired by Mrs P Armitt.
1.    No apologies were received.
2.    The minutes of last AGM held on the 28th April 2012 were circulated to those present; they were agreed without any amendments and signed by the Vice Chairperson, Mrs M Southworth, as the Chairperson had not been present.

3.    Mrs S Fantom read her Secretary’s Report for the programme 2012-2013
4.    Mrs T Lumley circulated a copy of the Treasurer’s Report which had been examined by Mr E Pomphret on the 7th March 2013. She also made a verbal report that admissions’ income was up this year and attendances at all of the meetings had been good. As income had increased this year, the Bank balance has risen to £1290.89.                                   
The accounts were formally presented to and adopted by members.

5.    The Election of Officers were as follows:
- Chairman:   Mrs P Armitt   Proposer: Mr A Fantom                 Seconded: Mrs H Cornell
- Vice Chairman:  Mrs M Southworth   Proposer: Mr J Cornell  Seconded: Mr A Fantom
- Secretary: Mrs S Fantom        Proposer: Miss V Isherwood   Seconded: Mrs E Pomphret
- Treasurer: Mrs T Lumley            Proposer: Mr M Lumley        Seconded: Mrs J Roberts
- Ast Treasurer: Mrs M Southworth Proposer: Mr A Fantom     Seconded: Mrs H Cornell  
All the above appointments were approved unopposed.                             
6.    Election of Examiner:-  Mr E Pomphret   Proposer:Mrs P Armitt Seconded:Mrs S Fantom
     This appointment was approved unopposed.

7.    The following matters were dealt with for the forthcoming  2013-14 season,

7.1. The Secretary proposed the following dates for meetings for the 2013-2014 programme,
Autumn 2013: 28/09/13, 12/10/13, 26/10/13, 09/11/13, 23/11/13
Spring 2014:   01/03/14, 15/03/14, 29/03/14, 12/04/14, 26/04/14
These dates were agreed by the members present.
7.2. It was agreed that the Speakers fee remain at £15.00 with the Secretary having the discretion to give £20.00 as agreed at last years’ AGM, it was also noted and agreed that any additional fee should be being paid for by the Society as there are sufficient funds to cover all fees and indeed all expenditure.
7.3. The Secretary proposed some Speakers for the forthcoming programme and the members present agreed that those suggestions should be pursued.
A further idea put forward was that we could exchange a list of Speakers from another group this matter will be pursued by the Secretary.
7.4. Everyone agreed that the Lunch should take place on Monday 24th June 2013, meeting from 12:00 noon to eat at 12:30 pm, at the Mount Pleasant Pub on Manchester Road; the Secretary said that she would send out a newsletter to all members which would ask them to confirm if they would be attending the lunch.

8.    The Secretary said that she would with the agreement of the members look to set up a gmail account for use of contacting the members, speakers and other organisations instead of using her own personal e-mail account, this was agreed by the members present.
The Secretary also asked if she could investigate setting up a website for the Society, this was also agreed by the members present.
It was also suggested that QLocal could also be used to publicise the Society’s programme, the Secretary said she would look into this website.
Finally a vote of thanks was given by Miss Vivienne Isherwood to all the Officers for hard work which was unanimously supported.
 AGM closed at 8:00 pm and was followed by a slide presentation by Debbie Walker from the Atkinson Museum Project.

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